La Manzanilla is a small town located on Tenacatita Bay, 250 km South of Purta Vallarta, 20km North of Barra De Navidad and 16 km North of Melaque, about 3 km off of highway 200.The town has a permanent population of approximately 1600 people, with mixed occupations ranging from fishermen, construction workers, gardeners, domestic help, resturant help and general laborers. The main income for the town is tourinsm, both Mexican and Foreign, with the main support being foreign. The peak foreign population occurs between December to the end of March or just before Semana Santa (Easter).The past ten years has seen a large influx of Foreigners, mostly from Canada and the US. A lot of these people have built homes here which they occupy for four of five months of the year. The main attraction is the beach, which in my view is the best on the whole Mexican Pacific Coast. The Summer is hot and humid but there is a substantial Mexican tourist trade when School is out for a month and a half. The town boasts a lot of resturants, many on the beach and some around the town.It has many stores which sell groceries and liquer and of course beer. A few resturants provide entertainment, mainly from musicains from Canada and the US who are here on holidays. Banking is available in Melaque and there is a local bus service between La Manzanilla and Melaque. A new Four Seasons Resort is being constructed on adjacent land which is owned by the former owner of Banamex. The resort known as Tamarindo is no longer in service, but the beautiful golf course is still maintained.

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